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Don’t Worry About Your Credit Score With a Payday Loan

When it comes to obtaining a loan, you probably assume you need to have an outstanding credit score. After all, that is what you have always been told, especially by banks and credit unions. The problem with this though is it is very difficult to maintain a perfect credit score. If you’ve ever had one poor financial incident or forgot about one bill you had to pay, it can all prevent you from receiving a loan from a bank. That is why instead you need to look towards a payday loan for all of your money lending needs.

No Credit Check Performed

Why is a payday loan good when you need a personal loan? There are many reasons, but one is because no credit check is performed. It doesn’t matter what your credit score is, your Social Security number is never taken so not only will it not look up your credit score, but the payday loan will not affect your credit score either, which is great if you are attempting to build it up.

No Credit Check Means Fast Cash

One of the great parts about not needing a credit check is you are able to receive your money faster. This is often what slows down the lending process, which is bad when you need money quickly.